Preparing for Finals

As the finals season comes rolling around yet again, people are beginning to feel the pressure, I know I am. Many of SMW’s teachers have decided to ramp up the workload as of late too, only adding to the stress. So, what are a few things you can do to be sure that you are 100 percent ready for some of the most important tests of the year? Keep reading to find out.

For starters, start studying early, as this will encourage you to not cram so much, and in turn more information will stay in your mind. Trust me, I used to cram, and cram often. Soon enough, I just got tired of it, and decided to use the strategy above, and what happened? My test grades improved!

Next, try to plan out what you will study and when you will do it. If you have to, write out a schedule! This strategy will help you organize, obviously, but also help you study what you need to the most, as long as you plan out your schedule accordingly. For me, this strategy helps the most.

This, along with some other personal techniques, should ensure that you do good during test week. Along with the above strategies, remember to eat a healthy breakfast and get some shut eye. Happy finals week!