Looking for a Summer Job

For many students this time of year, job hunting is at the top of their priority list. Whether it be the need of some extra cash, not wanting to ask mommy for money, or to have something to do during the day, a summer job is very important to many high schoolers. Unfortunately, times are hard, and you may have trouble finding a position.

I’ll admit it, last summer, I decided to work at Taco Bell. Yes, I know, not one of my brightest moments. Besides all of the grease and “meat”, it was actually kind of fun having a real job. I felt like an adult, especially on payday, if you know what I mean.

But, why did I settle with the infamous fast food restaurant? Well, a few reasons were contributing factors, actually. I applied at many places, most of which were more desirable than Taco Bell, but never really got past the second call with the employer. Why, you ask? I play sports, like many other high schoolers, and had a certain number of practices I had to attend. This severely hurt my chances of finding a job because I was unavailable most of the day.

About a week or so ago, I got an opportunity for be a photographer for TSS Photography. Much better pay, more flexible hours, and great co-workers meant that I was all set for the summer. And because I had previous work experience, my chances of getting hired were increased. Now, I am happily working as a portrait photographer under a great staff. And where did it come from? Thats right, Taco Bell.

The moral of the story is, don’t be afraid to take up a job that is less than satisfactory. You don’t have to work there forever, and experience is always good, as well as money, for the most part. Being able to not have to ask your parents is always a good thing as well. Well, thats my success story, now go make one of your own! Happy job hunting!