The Neighbourhood Debut Album


With the realease of the heavily anticipated “I Love You” by The Neighbourhood, much speculation has already started about whether they will be able to keep up with todays music scene.

Despite the extremely corny album title, “I Love You”, this album will surely not disappoint. It is really slow music, which occasionally gets boring but the Neighbourhood’s style is far from boring, though. There complex instrumentals, mixed with slow lyrics leave the listener with a mellow mood.

The best thing about the album, is the fact that it sounds different. There really is nothing else like it, that I have heard so far at least. If you haven’t heard of The Neighbourhood, you should definitely give them a chance.

“I Love You” is, in my opinion, definitely an album that should be on your iTunes to-buy list. If you would like to relax, or are having a bad day, or maybe just want to listen to some great alternative rock, check out this album.