Man’s Best Friend

I love dogs. I don’t know if you agree with me or not but in the famous dog or cat debate, I choose dogs. I have a miniature dachshund named Rolo. Yes, after the candy. So it’s fair to say I’m biased but he’s always excited to see me when I get home and he loves to play with his toys or just curl up on the couch and go to sleep.


Cats are great, but I do think that the dog is man’s best friend. Not all dogs are the same though. My family has another miniature dachshund named Princess. She lives with my dad in Oklahoma and is the complete opposite of Rolo. Rolo will bounce off the walls, run around, chew anything in his sight (including you if you don’t watch out,) and chew his toys and eventually break them. Princess will lay in the sunlight, go get a drink of water, and go right back to getting a tan.

Rolo’s energy is great, but when he starts to bite the couch, sandals, house plants, or my arm is when I start to wonder how such an aggressive animal can be called man’s best friend. I realized though that when I’m sick, Rolo or Princess will come and rest with me and help “ take care,” of me and they realize that I’m not in the mood for biting (maybe I should act sick more often,) or playing and they relax with me. Having a dog is definitely a positive influence on me especially after a rough day. They are always eager and glad to see you and love you. Now on the other side of having a dog, it’s a lot of work. Having to feed them, take them outside and just love on them but it’s all worth it because in the end, your best friend just might have a tail.