So you pin, huh?


Marina Sarkisova

What exactly is, “pinning”?

Pinning is linked to Pinterest. Pinterest is an online board where you can share the things you enjoy with people who follow you or sync it to your Facebook so others can see as well.

Pinterest allows you to create categorical boards from “crafting” to how you picture your wedding being in the future. For many of the pins, the pictures or descriptions are attached to a link that allows you to buy that certain object or follows the instructions to create something.

Do not underestimate Pinterest and by that I mean, beware… Why? Because I will tell you this now that it becomes a time consumer. You begin to brows so many of the topics that are available; anything from clothing to baking some treats.

Pinterest was launched March of 2010 by Ben Silbermann. To be able to create your own boards and have your own profile you must create a log in and password just like any other media site.

The “pin feed” is what you first see when you log in. That feed displays all of your friends activities, the people you follow will repin and post things and that will all pop up on the feed (just like the Facebook news feed). The feed will allow you to “like” and “repin” the things into your own board so that you are able to go back and look at these things later.

Recently, a new site called Wanelo had launched as well. This site has the same concept and set up as Pinterest but what sets Wanelo aside is that every image has a link to the website so that one may purchase that item right away. Wanelo does not have any instructions to make things or crafts that Pinterest provides.

So, pin on pinners, pin on.