Tyler Williams, Writer, Videographer

Yes seniors, 14 days until we graduate and begin the next chapter in our lives. But what exactly is holding us back from the being the best class ever? The same disease that has plagued seniors around the globe for decade, Senioritis. Now I can tell you this first hand, this disease is highly contagious. From your friends wanting to play some ball so you skip studying for a test, or you just start an all nighter playing FIFA 13 and drinking coffee skipping homework due the next day (well maybe that one is just me).

Teachers know we’re lazy seniors who just want to spend our days counting down the clock and living up our last few months in high school, so the question is, why continue piling up homework and tests, or long term projects, when you know we’re not going to do them. It could be all a teacher conspiracy to have us fail, or we all need to actually stop being lazy. Both I don’t really see as being true or happening.

“To be honest, i started experiencing senioritis my freshman year, but it got serious after november of 2012” Senior Marina Sarkisova stated.

“It started out slow, but then it hit me like a dump truck and I can’t even finish anything. I can’t even finish this senten…” Senior Trevor Clark said and almost finished.

So as you can see this disease is very serious and should be taken note of. It is not a joking matter. Now I’m going to sit on my couch and eat peanut butter and chocolate syrup.