Pittsburgh State Math Competition Results

Sydney Miramontez

The Pittsburgh State Math Competition took place on Wednesday, April 17, 2013. The competition included 18 large schools including Shawnee Mission, Olathe, and Blue Valley High Schools. We had many West students participate in this event. The following students placed among the top spots of their divisions.


Grade 11 Events:

Graphing- Jeffrey Yankovich-5th

Analytic Geometry-Chris Whitlock-5th

Trig-YuanHui Feng- 1st, Chris Whitlock- 8th

Algebraic Simplifications- Jeffrey Yankovich- 5th

Geometry- Amber Yeasin- 3rd, Samantha Schluter-Palcua- 6th

Functions- Chris Whitlock- 8th


Grade 12 Events:

Analytic Geometry- Alex Hart- 3rd, Andrew Nation- 10th

Number Theory- Karthink Kailish and YuanHui Feng- Tied 6th

Marathon- Erin Lanigan- 1st, Mark Maiden- 2nd

Algebraic Equations and Inequalities- Karthik Kailish- 4th, Andrew Nation- 9th

Algebraic Simplifications- Mark Maiden- 10th

Geometry- Alex Hart- 2nd

Potpourri- Erin Lanigan- 2nd

Computational Math- Mark Maiden- 3rd, Dillon Fuchsman- 8th, Lexi Bisbing- 10th


Team Events:

Team Geometry- Argel Moncayo Cady Pendleton, Karen Bustos, and Karthik Kailish- 3rd

Team Algebra Medley- Amber Yeasin, Samantha Schluter- Pascua, Jeffrey Yankovich, and YuanHui Feng- 6th

Team Calculator- Andrew Nation, Alex Hart, Erin Lanigan, and Dillon Fuchsman- 4th


Congrats to all the participants!