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During spring and summer months, the Crossroads district in our VERY OWN downtown Kansas City allows galleries to open their doors to community members on the first Friday of every month. The result of this is a combustion of creative fun-ness that is, like, amazing to experience. From live music to un-understandably high fashion to an abundance of galleries open for free, First Fridays makes you want to cancel the rest of your future first Fridays. Forever.

Blue Gallery – see

Because art galleries rotate art constantly it’s hard to give you an idea of what Blue Gallery has to offer. But a recent nude art featuring some less than comforting paintings of grotesque forms in shocking positions isn’t something you wouldn’t want to see. If that’s not your cup of tea, there are other more “tasteful” works to look at too. IT’S FOR EVERYONE.

Todd Weiner – see

Out of the many awesome galleries at Crossroads, the Todd Weiner Gallery is one you might want to see. Conveniently located on 18th street, its large windows kind of whisper to you, “Come in here and check out this art!” And you go in because the art looks nice and you’re kind of confused what that blotchy colored thing is when you realize it’s a painting and then you’re like, whoah, glad I came in here.

Peggy Noland – shop

Just Googling “Peggy Noland” will give you every reason to visit her shop. Even if her fashion is a bit too over-the-top for your everyday outfit, it’s certainly worth a look.

Framed by a painted green hand with inviting pink nails, Noland’s shop sits on 18th street with welcoming window displays. Go inside and you’ll see racks of clothes you wish you made. Talk to her in person, and you’ll have every reason to love it.

Town Topic – eat

When I think of Town Topic, I like to think of some 1960s diner, in which all my friends just hang out and drink milkshakes and talk about high school crushes. In this scenario, the boys have slicked back hair and carry cigarettes, and the girls sport ridiculous dos and have poodles printed on their skirts. We bond over amazing burgers, and make friends with the owner of the joint.

Although Town Topic is not quite like that, it’s still a great place! A cubby-sized restaurant that peeks out into the street, it’s small, but lovable, establishment and serves good hamburgers that make you feel AMERICAN.

18th Street – listen

You literally have to walk ten feet in on 18th street and you’ll want to stay forever. Here, you’ll find what one might consider the epicenter of the Crossroads. Street musicians are practically inviting you to huddle around with them as they DJ, play guitar, sing or rap. You’ll also see people dancing and you’ll begin to feel like you’re in “Step Up 3D” if “Step Up 3D” was actually cool.

American Flag Art Print (White)
Photo used with permission from

Hammerpress – shop

If you get a paycheck and you’re super eager to just blow a large portion of it, go to Hammerpress. It’s a printing shop (that actually makes their prints on location!) and sells anything from cards to art prints to old LIFE magazine books.

You’ll find a billion things to buy because their cards aren’t just Hallmark jokes on cheap paper (sorry Hallmark.) It’s art! So check it out.

Here’s a map of the places mentioned above:

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