Lent Finds Students Breaking Habits and Giving Back

Lent season is upon us, and with the change of seasons from winter to spring, many students are also changing. Whether it’s giving up certain habits or doing more to better themselves, these students will have until Easter Sunday to keep it up.

Sophomore Desiree De La Pena is giving up Gatorade for Lent.

“I couldn’t think of anything else to give up, and Gatorade is like the only thing I drink,” De La Pena said.

In addition, senior Sam Clark is giving up fast food.

“I spend all of my money on fast food, so I decided to stop eating it,” Clark said.

Sophomore Betty Thomas is also giving up food, but instead of fast food, she’s giving up one of her favorite snacks: peanut butter.

“I eat too much of it [peanut butter] everyday after school,” Thomas said.

Though many students have found it hard to give up their habits, Clark has actually found it to be quite easy.

“I have no money right now, so it hasn’t been that hard for me,” Clark said.

Adjustments have also had to be made in order to commit themselves to their religious beliefs.
“I had to figure out new snacks,” Thomas said.

Clark also has had to adjust.

“Instead of fast food, I just stay at home and eat pizza and PB&J,” Clark said.

Most students are finding themselves trying to break habits, many of which involve food, but one student is actually trying to gain instead of giving up something. For every minute sophomore Grace Morris spends on the Internet, she will spend working out.

“I don’t play any spring sports and wanted to get in better shape,” Morris said.

With over a month until Easter, students who are giving up or giving back things for Lent will have to continue to adjust and learn how to cope with their changes. They hope that these changes also have a positive outcome both on their life and their faith.

“I hope to be in better shape after Lent for track,” Clark said.

Photo: Ryan Lansdon