Oscar Predicitons


The Academy Awards is the most anticipated entertainment event of the year for film. It rules all. Its decisions are supreme, set in stone. Once a film is named Best Picture, it carries that title for, like, eternity.

Whether the decisions are actually accurate or not, the power the awards have are unquestionable.

Because I’ll most likely be disappointed if I don’t at least mention what I want to win, I’m going to predict what will win and then what I think will win for the major nominations.

Best Picture:

“The Artist” is going to win and I know that and everyone knows it because it’s just MEANT TO BE. It’s a silent film with super thought out cinematography and just perfectness, so there’s really no other possible winner, at least according everyone who ever existed. “Hugo” could also win, but I don’t think it will.

I’m kind of crying internally because I feel like “The Tree of Life” will be eclipsed by “The Artist’s” greatness. “The Tree of Life” is this really melancholy look into the strained relationships between father and family with Sean Penn as a grown son. Scenes of Penn’s future depression are reflective of his past with a strained relationship with his dad. There are these amazing shots of astronomical scenes that present theological questions. “The Tree of Life” is what I really want to win but will most likely not.


I was right! “The Artist” won.

Actor in a Leading Role:

Jean Dujardin from “The Artist” will win, and looking at the other nominations, seems like the only plausible winner. Sorry guys, but he’s the only competition.

P.S. Ryan Gosling from “Drive” wasn’t nominated I don’t understand like why

Jean Dujardin won.

Actress in a Leading Role.

Meryl Streep was kind of placed in a film that wasn’t too great (“The Iron Lady”), but she definitely did the best with it and produced an amazing performance. I think lots of people would like Streep to win simply because she has this LEGACY of ALWAYS being nominated/winning, but she genuinely had the best performance out of everyone nominated.

Meryl Streep won.

Best Director:

Martin Scorsese has some monopoly on Oscar noms for Best Director and I’m thinking he will win again.

I guess I can’t really judge how good he is but I guess he’s great? I don’t know.

Michael Hazivinicius of “The Artist” won.

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year:

“A Separation” has a mass of buzz about how it was such a great movie and oh my god, have you seen “A Separation”?I’m rooting for it a bit as well. It will win.

“A Separation” won.

Four out of five correct. To view all the winners of the Oscars, go here.

The Academy Awards are on Sun. at 7:30 central time on ABC.

Photo on design: By Antoine Taveneaux (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons