Super Bowl Reactions


The Giants won the Super Bowl XLVI this year. Here’s what the staff had to say about the game…

Joshua Smith
Sports Editor for The Epic

“It was definitely a game to remember. I went into the living room, thinking that I would see Tom Brady slaughter the giants with the throw of a football like the pebble David once  threw to conquer his giant, Goliath. Fate had a different desire tonight. It was proven that the basic fundamentals  of a sport can help a team score points. This was the downfall for the Patriots as mistake after mistake tampered with Tom Brady’s mind, while the Giants seemed incredibly focused.

All in all you can’t help but be ecstatic and overjoyed at the sight of the players that worked hard all their lives for this moment. They were seen as the underdogs by the world but came out on top of the dog pile. A game well played, congratulations New York.”

Marleah Campbell
Staff Writer for The Epic

“Going into this year’s Super Bowl, I honestly couldn’t care less who won. I wasn’t particularly partial to either team, so all I was looking for was a good game. There’s nothing I hate watching more than a blow out Super Bowl game! I was glad to see both teams competing and the game going down to the wire. In the end, the Giants did what they had to do and made the right plays at the right times to win.”

Andy Gottschalk,
Staff Writer for The Epic

“I’ll start off by saying I know not much about sports (nothing) and that I thought Tom Brady was a character from “The Brady Bunch” (I KNOW AND I’M SORRY). But I do enjoy watching football (eating nachos and talking) and I did make a prediction this year. It was probably just chance that I guessed the Giants would win because that’s how it turned out.

Any other result would’ve been believable, however, because as history goes, the Giants and the Patriots have had very close games before and the difference has always been three or four points. This year it was four and the Patriots could’ve easily won, but hey, it is how it is. (Side note: what was up with the whole “World Peace” thing at the finale of Madonna’s half-time show? Was that the theme or what?)”

Tim Dodderidge
Editor-In-Chief for The Epic, Publisher for The Voyager

“For me, the Super Bowl is about nothing but the game. I don’t care about the commercials, or even the almost always cheesy halftime shows. Even though this year’s matchup didn’t captivate me like previous years, where the Packers and Saints invigorated fans with huge passing attacks, I still found the urge to sit down and watch the game.

It was a close game, though I didn’t think it was one of the most memorable Super Bowls of recent times. Both quarterbacks (Tom Brady and Eli Manning) had astounding games. Two fumbles basically saved the Giants, and allowed them to hold on, with a last-second hail mary ending the nail-biter. I was pretty happy with the outcome, though I still was hoping that Patriots running back Danny Woodhead would get his first ring.”

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