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Holiday Help: Christmas Gift Guide



Nintendo 3DS: The newest game console from Nintendo, the Nintendo 3DS is a portable gaming system that projects 3D images (no glasses necessary). Although this product was released in mid-March, it is still a great buy for any game lover. The 3DS has stunning graphics and three cameras; two of these capture images in 3D. Some of the most popular games for the 3DS include Legend of Zelda and Mario Kart.
Swiper Gloves:
Anyone else hate that you can’t use a touch screen phone with gloves on? Well now this is no longer a problem. Swiper gloves from DC are compatible with all smart phones and allow you to use your phone on those chilly winter nights without freezing your hands off.
Busted Tees:
You know that awesome graphic tee that one kid in that one class wore that one time? There’s a chance he got it from, a website that deals exclusively in selling affordable and hilarious t-shirts. There is a tee for every person on your list: some are nerdy, some contain movie references, and some are ironic.
Beats by Dr. Dre:
These headphones, created by the rap mogul Dr. Dre, are pricey, but worth every penny. Variations in color, style, and functions mean that there is a pair for any serious music lover on your list.


Coffee Mug Warmer: The only thing that keeps most parents happy in the morning is that first cup of coffee. But that short-lived happiness is often cut short if their beloved coffee goes cold. Keep your mornings cheerful and toasty with this clever and cheap gift. Only $10 at Target, coffee mug warmers keep mugs warm and drinks hot with a simple flip of a switch.
Birthstone Bracelets:
We all know that there is nothing moms love more than their own children. Give her something to brag about with a birthstone bracelet, which can be custom made at any jewelry store (try Heartland Bead Market). Take the birthstones of all your mom’s children and put them together to create a beautiful necklace.


Fatheads: Are you especially fanatical about a certain team or player? Fatheads are life-size wall graphics that commemorate anything from the Michigan State Spartan to Aaron Rodgers to Iron Man. It’s the perfect addition to any room where you watch the big game.
Chiefs Apparel:
Shop to find a ginormous variety of products for your favorite football team. The site has everything you could imagine: sweatshirts, flags, grills, even a Chiefs pillow pet!
Workout Equipment:
Got a fitness buff in your family? The Perfect Push-Up, Shake Weight, and JumpSnap are all entertaining and effective gifts that will help you keep that hot bod.


Toms: These comfy, trendy shoes don’t only support a great cause; they are also eco-friendly. For every pair of TOMs that are sold, a pair will be donated to needy children in Africa. They come in men’s, women’s, and kid’s sizes, as well as a variety of styles and colors.
Water Powered Clock:
These cheap, cute clocks run solely on water. They can also run on soda, coffee, or even beer.
Vinyl Record Bowls:
Put your parents’ out-of-date records to great use by re-purposing them as vintage, crafty bowls. These bowls can be bought at any number of stores or made easily at home.

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ShoeDazzle Membership: This unique service, which sends designer-style shoes, handbags, and jewelry every month through the mail, was actually designed by Kim Kardashian (who knew?). The service has been endorsed by tons of magazines, celebrities, and TV shows.
Infinity Scarves:
Hate never being able to decide how to style your scarf? The warm, comfy winter must-have gets an update with the infinity scarf, which loops in a continuous circle.
Crackle Nail Polish:
This unique nail polish overcoat shatters as it dries, leaving behind a cool, cracked look. Available in an array of colors and brands.

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