Who’s Who With Amy Blakemore


Amy Blakemore (right) and a student (left) act out during a class discussion.

Q) Although most students know you as Ms. Lundine, you recently had a name change?
A) “Yes, I got married on July 30th and my new last name is Blakemore.”

Q) Is it hard for students to adjust?
A) “It doesn’t bother me because I’ll be called by either for the next couple of years.”

Q) After graduating West, where did you attend college?
A) “I went to K-State to study secondary education and was and English/Journalism major. While there I worked on the yearbook and newspaper staff.”

Q) How did you decide to become a teacher?
A) “I’ve always had good experiences with teachers and I also wanted to incorporate writing into my career. It took a while to figure out, but I went back to teaching because I enjoy working with people and having fun classroom moments.”

Q) What subjects do you teach?
A) “I have taught English 10 and 11 for the past five years. Although this year, I, along with Mr. Carter, and Ms. Mundy, started a new class called Reading Enhancement. It focuses on reading skills and enjoyment of reading.”

Q) The current NHS co-sponsor stepped down, what motivated you take over?
A) “I enjoyed working with the National Honor Society in high school. I like that it is an organization that focuses on community service and scholarship. It’s a good group of people to work with.”

Q) What do you hope to bring to NHS this year?
A) “I want to be part a part of all the activities NHS does, make the philanthropies successful and help the officers with all that they do.”

Q) For your 2002-2003 senior year, what was your role in NHS?
A) “Back then there was only one person per position and I was the secretary for the executive board. I had to make the agenda and keep track of the minutes during meetings.”

Q) Outside of school, how do you spend your free time?
A) “I like to visit with friends, cheer for K-State, and work on strategies for the next canned food drive.”

Q) Speaking of the food drive, how many years have you won?
A) “My seminar did not win last year, but did the two years before. We didn’t anticipate the strategies that the other classes used.”

Q) How long have you been an FMP teacher?
A) “I have been one since it started three years ago.”

Q) What do you think of the program?
A) “It gets better every year and the longer it exists, the more people enjoy it.”

Q) What is something people should know about you?
A) “I might seem nice and quiet, but I’m actually pretty sarcastic.”


Sport- Soccer (girls C-Team coach at West from 2008-2011)
Time of Year- Summer
School assignment- The junior “One Necessity” essay
Holiday- Easter