Subway vs. Mr. Goodcents


Sandwiches: such a basic form of food, so simple, yet everybody and everyone has their own unique preferences in the art of making a sandwich.

Subway and Mr. Goodcents are two sub shops that have become go-to places for the local student in search of a good sub.  Now we delve into the intricacies in the hopes of distinguishing one of these establishments as the better of the two.

Serving Sizes/Amount of Food/Selection

If you were to walk into either of the two, you would notice that both offer quarter subs, half subs and then of course, the foot long. The difference though, is that Goodcents offer a lovely medium, the eight-inch sub. This is ideal for the growing boy or girl who wants some substance but isn’t ready to settle down for a feast. Goodcents also puts topping on your subs like there is no tomorrow, while Subway makes it look sometimes that there is a food shortage. Selection isn’t really a problem at either of the restaurants, but if you are looking for even more options and combinations Goodcents is the place to choose. All in all, when it comes to serving sizes and amount of food Goodcents wins in a landslide.


Quality of Food

While many have different opinions on who wins this section, our pick has never and will never waver. Subway is where our allegiances stand, their bread is soft yet crispy, making each bite more delectable than the last. Goodcents, while not bad, just doesn’t seem to match up. The bread is purely soft, and on our visit we found it a little soggy. As for the meats, cheese and toppings, Subway has our hearts again. The meat seems almost slimy at Goodcents, unlike at Subway where even the smaller proportions don’t matter, and where the meat and cheese worked wonders on our taste buds. When it comes to toppings, both were great as we found anything we could of wanted available for us. With all this in mind, Subway wins quality easily.



Considering the fact that normally no Subway or Goodcents are alike, this is a tough one to judge. For the Subway we went to on 87th street by Hy-Vee, the seating and atmosphere was great. The designs on the wall provided for a pleasant experience and there was more than enough seating. The Goodcents we went to on 95th and Lackman wasn’t bad either. It falls short of Subway though, because of the blandness of the restaurant. The seating was fine, it just felt much more boring than Subway. This was the toughest of the three decisions, but again we have to go with Subway.


The Verdict

While both give the customer a great meal, the winner has to be Subway. Subway’s quality is unmatched, and save a couple of intangibles, it is almost perfect for anyone in search of a great sub at any time of the day.