Hidden Treasures


For those of us that live in Lenexa, we all know where Old Town Lenexa is, but rarely do we stop at the cluster of independently owned shops across from the train tracks.  Chances are that you have not because there are no McDonald’s or Wal-Marts in the vicinity.

If you do, you will find a charming bakery called The Pie Lady. If you don’t look closely, you might miss it. Located in Old Town Lenexa, The Pie Lady is crammed between two buildings and the door looks like only a hobbit could fit through it. Inside, the place consists of two tables, a register, and a glass case full of the sweets the kitchen churns out.

I ordered the standard cherry pie, but it was an arduous task trying to decide between their selection of hand-made pies, cookies, and brownies. The cherry pie was the perfect combination of sweet and tart; they even top the pie with sugar crystals. I also tasted a brownie topped with vast amounts of cream cheese, which was a surprising but welcome change.

Prices range from $3.60-$4.15 a slice and $19.50 for whole pies.

You could call The Pie Lady a diamond in the rough. It is situated off the beaten path, and the only way to discover it is if you happen upon it. It is like grandma’s kitchen, specializing in traditional recipes, rather than gourmet sweets.

I highly recommend stopping by The Pie Lady, it truly is as sweet as apple pie.

Pie Lady Coffehouse
13408 Santa Fe Trail Dr
Lenexa, KS