True Life: Ron Walker


Elizabeth Stephan – When did you begin dancing?
Ron Walker – I danced when I was a kid, but didn’t dance while I was married. I did 2 ½ years of ballroom dancing and lessons, and now I dance all of the time.

ES – Why did you start?
RW – I have always liked to dance, and wanted something to do, so I started dancing.

ES – What is your favorite style?
RW – I like almost all dances. I like Salsa and West Coast Swing.

ES – Where and how often do you dance?
RW – Last weekend I danced at 18th and Vine at the Juke House. After that, I left at 9:00 and went to RG’s.

ES – Do you have a partner?
RW – I dance with a lot of people. But I am not going to tell you. That is classified.

ES – What music do you like to dance to?
RW – I like a lot of music. The old classics and Michael Buble are fun to dance to. I really like Latin music.

ES – How has the styles changed over the years?
RW – Grinding is new. Most kids did some kind of swing. In the 70s, people danced separately. Girls could dance without waiting to be asked.

ES – What do you think of today’s music and dance?
RW – I go where dancing is appreciated and music is good. I went to Prom last year and didn’t dance once. I was going to but couldn’t find any music to dance to.

ES – What is your main reason for dancing?
RW – It is fun. It keeps me off of the streets.