Coffee Shop Dual Review

“Epic” staffers compare Black Dog and Homer’s, two highly frequented coffee shops in the West area.


Black Dog:
Black Dog’s urban hipster vibe is emanated throughout the coffee house by its low lighting, vintage wood paneling and industrial light fixtures. Local art can be displayed one of two ways at Black Dog, on the stage or on the wall. Every Tuesday night, local musicians have a chance to share their talents on stage and local artists can display work on the wall between Black Dog and Ibis Bakery. Although Black Dog offers other beverages, they specialize in coffee and offer an array of speciality brews. They have added to their organic menu by taking down the wall that separated their store from their partner bakery, Ibis Bakery. This expansion not only enlarged the coffeehouse, but added variety to their menu. Ibis Bakery creates a variety of baked goods, such as shortbread, granola and loaves of stone hearth baked bread.

Homer’s offers a family friendly vibe with its open and welcoming atmosphere. Large windows give Homer’s a bright and cheerful feeling. The jazz music softly playing in the background muffled by friendly chatter is the cherry on top of the New York style feel this coffee shop has. The menu offers fresh homestyle foods, such as quiche, muffins, and fruit. The spacious layout offers a comfortable space to stretch out and work without feeling cramped. The slightly elevated platform in the back of the coffeehouse can be transformed into a stage where local musicians perform on the weekends. Along one wall, chains extending from the ceiling, hold artwork supplied by local artists.

Both places are unique and have a lot to offer depending on what you’re in the mood for.  Homer’s spacious layout is great for conversing on a Saturday afternoon whereas Black Dog’s close quarters make for a great collaborative atmosphere.  What Black Dog lacks in interior space they make up for with their extensive coffee options.  Their menu ranges from traditional black to a toasted marshmallow latte.  Although Homer’s doesn’t have quite the variety in coffee that Black Dog does, they offer beverages for the non-coffee drinker that makes it a more welcoming place for everyone. Both offer unique additions to the coffee house. Black Dog’s connection to Ibis has allowed them to expand their palettes and Homer’s little ice cream parlor adds to the family atmosphere. On top of all this, both display the local talent whether it be through art or music and continue to inspire everyone who walks through the door.