Organic is the New Black

A local juice and smoothie store is brightening up Old Town Lenexa

Isaiah Mckay, Co-Editor in Chief

Attracting hundreds and hundreds of people to its grand opening last year, this local health food source will not disappoint. With a calm ambiance, welcoming atmosphere and energetic staff, the road to a healthy lifestyle is much smoother than you think.

Bulk It is a health food store that provides organic, non-GMO products to customers by helping get them on the path of clean eating. These items range anywhere from organic juices to a wide variety of seeds all the way to french vanilla almond granola.

“There are three founders of the business. Two are owners and my mom is a founder,” Stuke said.

It’s a ball! We are more than a store, we teach yoga here, we have all kinds of community get togethers.”

— Nancy Baum

Bulk It was founded by Nancy Baum, Vicki McIntosh and Mandy Stuke to fulfill their mission to provide a safe and healthy clean eating option.

“We’re small, we support local business and local vendors. What’s really important is that our juice and smoothie bar is ALL organic fruits and vegetables.” Baum said.

The daily operations and maintenance of a business can sometimes become very overwhelming, but the Bulk It team takes it all in stride and fosters creative and thoughtful ideas to improve each customer’s experience.

“It’s a ball! We are more than a store, we teach yoga here, we have all kinds of community get togethers.” Baum said.

Located in the heart of Old Town Lenexa, Bulk It’s refreshing spirit and support towards local organizations and vendors is widely popular amongst the Lenexa natives.

“We’re surrounded by other small businesses. And we love the historic aspect of it and being part of reviving this location.” Baum said.

Customers from near and far are often found wandering throughout the store searching for the newest finds and are aided by the brilliant staff. Baum appreciates the amount of local interest, especially from parents and students of West.

“We are big supporters of Shawnee Mission West.”

Senior Skyler Stuke took the opportunity to help co-founder and mother, Mandy Stuke get Bulk It prepared for its grand opening and is now a part of the Bulk It team.

“Last July, I was working a lot of hours by helping set up the store and be ready for opening day,” Stuke said.

Fortunately the amount of effort, hard work and preparation that the Bulk It team took to create and build an eccentric experience for health newcomers.

“My favorite moment was the first day that we opened, when I saw a line out the door before we even opened. [It] made all of the people that helped get the store ready so happy to see all the people.” Stuke said.

Although Stuke’s free time is limited during the school year, he continues make a positive connection with anyone that steps into Bulk It.

“During the school year I work the weekends. I run the cash register and help our customers while they are in the store,” Stuke said.
With the vast amount of health and nutritional benefits that Bulk It has to offer, there is no reason you shouldn’t give Bulk It a try. There is something there for all members of the family.

Photos by Rachel Harvey