Review of Taylor Swift’s “1989”

Juliane Francia

Taylor Swift released her album “1989” on October 27th, 2014. Her fifth album has sold over 1 million copies and currently resides at the top of the Billboard Top 200 list. Songs like “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” have already become smash hits.

As an avid listener to her fourth album “Red”, I was skeptical that this new album would not be able to follow it up. I was wrong.

Her new album is a work of pure genius. Gone are her country songs and here to stay is a new pop vibe. The album is a mixture of upbeat and slow songs, all with catchy and relatable lyrics. This is definitely one of those albums that you put on full blast and jam out to in your car.

Here is a highlight of some of the best songs featured on “1989”:

“Welcome To New York”

With such a happy beat and simple lyrics, this song is a great way to start the album. You probably guessed that this is about the wonderful city of New York.

“Blank Space” 

One of the hits of the album, this song is basically a shout out to all of Taylor’s haters who say she’s a floozy. It portrays Swift as a crazy girlfriend with a “long list of ex-lovers”. In the music video, she further mocks herself and how crazy people thinks she is.


One of the more subtle songs on the album. It’s not slow or upbeat, but it is definitely something to sing and dance to. The catchy chorus is oh so relatable.

“Out of the Woods”

The chorus of this one will get stuck in your head for days. You have been warned.

“All You Had To Do Was Stay”

This is a classic Taylor song – totally written about an ex, telling him off for leaving her. You go Taylor.

“Shake it Off” 

You probably know this one by now. If you turn on the radio it will be playing on at least one major radio station.

“I Wish You Would”

Yet another song about an ex – maybe the same one, who knows? With more of a techno/dubstep beat, this song song really builds until the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of her next big singles from the album.

“Bad Blood”

This song is rumored to be written about pop singer Katy Perry. Apparently Perry stole one of Taylor’s backup dancers, so the obvious thing to do was write a song about it.

“Wildest Dreams”

Lana Del Ray is one of Taylor’s inspirations and that really shows in this one. You’ll get those vibes during the chorus. The lyrics in this one definitely hit home for a lot of girls out there.

“How You Get the Girl”

Boys, listen up. Taylor sings about how to get the girl of your dreams and how you’ll lose her if you don’t do what she says in this song.

“This Love”

Taylor mixes it up a bit and slows it down. Every album needs a classic love song, right?

“I Know Places”

This one starts off really strong and Swift kind of comes off as intimidating for once. It gets a little tribal towards the end, but I can dig it.


Most of her albums end with a positive song like this. It shows how much of an independent woman she is – how she doesn’t need a man… Lol.


May or may not have just listed all of her songs, but they’re all so good I just couldn’t leave any out. Of course, they are mostly about boys, but who cares? Well done Taylor, well done.