Review: “Allegiant”


Colette Balas, Writer

Coming from someone who hated the ending of  “Allegiant,” the movie was somewhat refreshing. Although the movie diverges a great deal from the book, I enjoyed it on its own.

It starts off similar to the book in which the faction system has been abolished and Chicago is being led by the Factionless leader, Evelyn. A message from the other side of the wall intrigues the main character, Tris, and she and a few others venture beyond the wall to meet the others.

It was at this point I began to notice some changes. First of all, the land surrounding Chicago resembles a desolate Mars surface. This made me think back to when I read the book; I concluded that it was a big change, but I would still give it a chance.

After that point, however, the movie ceased to follow the book. I started feeling slightly upset but also somewhat hopeful that if the writers were changing so much, they might create an alternate ending to the one that I disliked.

My theory was somewhat correct in that the ending was not what I suspected. It ends after Tris, Four and Caleb save Chicago from a gas that would wipe the memory of all the people. Tris then goes on to explain the plans of the people from the other side of the wall. Then, right before the credits, the main characters are all happily staring off beyond the wall after defeating the bad guys.

The ending definitely hinted at another movie which would most likely deviate completely from the books.

I think the “Allegiant” movie was a good movie on its own, but if you are looking for something like the book, you will most likely be disappointed.

Grade: B-.