Review: “Deadpool”

Review: Deadpool

Logan Peterson

Ryan Reynolds continues his comeback in a big way with “Deadpool,” the first film in a likely franchise which follows the antics of a potty-mouthed assassin turned superhero named Deadpool.

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade Wilson decides to enlist the aid of a shady organization that promises to cure him, and give him incredible abilities. Things backfire, and he is forced to retrieve the people who wronged him by any means necessary.

First things first: this is the most fun you will have in a movie theatre this year. Period. The foul language and crazy violence are a welcome change for the dynamic of the superhero genre. Does that mean the film is perfect? No, it is far from perfect. The plot is contrived and can be dull at times, but everything comes together in a great way thanks to Ryan Reynolds.

This has been a long gestating project for Reynolds since the character was blindly inserted in the 2009 dud, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” It’s hard to believe a film like this was made in the first place; this film is graphic in every sense of the world.

What makes the film so great is the constant meta-humor and fourth wall breaking. Since Deadpool’s creation, his self awareness has always been a signature; using it in the film was a huge risk, but it plays off to hilarious results. He knows he’s in a film, and the constant references start from the get-go when the film opens with “Produced by a bunch of tools.” I was laughing uncontrollably from start to finish.

While the plot is dull, and the contained environment hinders the film, “Deadpool” is the funniest film of the year, and that is unlikely to change. Not to mention the fact that its pushing of the envelope just might change the landscape of rated-R comic book films.

Grade: B-