Review: Furious 7 is well directed and executed perfectly

Ethan Brewer, Writer

Fast and Furious 7”  is Paul Walker’s tribute movie. This movie is different than the other “Fast and Furious” movies because it is sentimental towards the passing of Paul Walker. There are things in the movie that will have your heart beating really fast and then there are things that will want to make you cry. The movie focuses more on his departing from the “Fast and Furious” family and takes the movie from good to great in just a few scenes.

It was a very intense movie but some of the fighting scenes make you really dizzy going around and around the two people that are fighting. I think that it was a very well directed movie in the action and racing scenes. The assassin plot really gave you a thrill throughout the movie.

Honestly, if I had a 14 year old child, I would not want to bring them to this movie due to how the women are dressed in many of the scenes.

Throughout the movie, they’re get a USB drive that has a program which can find anyone in the world. They want to use it to find the assassin that is hunting them, but they need the person that created the system to use it. They eventually find her and travel around the world to find the USB. After finding it they go back and try to take down the assassin, who has friend that tries to kill the team towards the end.

I would have to give this movie 8 out of 10 stars. It was a very well directed movie and it was an amazing tribute movie for Paul Walker. If you haven’t seen the movie yet I highly recommend it. If you are a person that loves action movies, go see this movie!