Bears: The Review

I saw the new Disney documentary about grizzly bears, called Bears. The documentary told a story of a mother grizzly bear, Sky, and her two cubs, Amber and Scout, on their journey to find salmon before the summer ended.

The film started right after the two cubs were born. The three were still in the spot where Sky had been hibernating all winter. Then, as the bears come out of their den their journey really began. It started with the bears hike through the snow covered mountains where they had to avoid many dangerous obstacles, especially avalanches.

As the journey continues you get to see other grizzly bears, as well as wolves, foxes, and many different types of fish on the family’s journey to their favorite meal, salmon. There were ups and downs on their journey, but eventually after overcoming all obstacles Sky, Amber, and Scout found the golden pond, a salmon breeding ground.

I saw this movie not knowing that it was a documentary made by Disney, so right off the bat you can see my expectations did not meet reality. The film did portray a very interesting journey and the fact that I knew nothing about grizzly bears going into this movie didn’t hurt my level of intrigue.

The only criticism I have for this movie is that the narration at times was a little… much. I love documentaries about animals, but as most of you know the narration plays a huge role in the film due to the fact that animals don’t speak English. The narration in this documentary seemed too rehearsed, corny, and childish for my taste. Granted, it is a Disney movie so the demographic probably wasn’t that of a junior in high school.

Considering all this, I would give this movie three and a half out of five stars overall. Although, if I were to rate Bears on its cuteness, I would have to give it five out of five stars. That being said, I think this movie is perfect for families, particularly ones with younger children, and anyone who has a love for bears.