An Action Movie That Doesn’t Stop

An Action Movie That Doesnt Stop

One of the major scourges of modern film is the ever-present generic action movie. These dime-a-dozen movies plague our theaters and poison the minds of young movie-goers against true cinema. This is the kind of movie I was expecting when I walked into “Non-Stop.” However, I was pleasantly surprised.

Although riddled with cliche plot developments and cheesy lines, I was truly entertained throughout. The who-done-it story line kept me constantly guessing and I was legitimately surprised at the ending.

The story follows Bill Marks, played by Liam Neeson, a seasoned air marshall who gets on a completely routine flight. Soon, however, he receives a mysterious text from someone on board telling him that a passenger will die every twenty minutes unless he gets a ridiculous amount of money. Even though Marks seemingly does nothing that supports protocol and everything a real air marshall would never do, he shows the classic toughness that we have learned to expect and love from Neeson.

Overall, “Non-Stop” is a film that is capable of entertaining everyone on the film-viewing spectrum: those looking for true engagement, and those simply looking for another generic action movie to fill an evening with.