Wes Anderson Does It Again


Wes Anderson is hands down one of the most creative directors in the film industry today, and he does not disappoint with his newest movie “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” Scene after scene of colorful rooms and vibrant settings, which are common in Anderson films, allow it to easily surpass the completely unoriginal movies that come out on a daily basis.

In addition to the breathtaking imagery, snappy dialogue and quirky characters abound in this otherworldly cinematic adventure. “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” along with all of Anderson’s films, are a refreshing break from the hordes of generic action movies and overused plot lines. His utterly unique style is immediately recognized and never gets old.

Although Anderson’s films are all similar, a pattern seems to be emerging in the form of a continuing furtherance from reality. His first movies, although filled with quirkiness, still held a certain amount of believability. With his newest work, though, he has distanced himself so far from reality that it seems he has successfully created his own world. This is in no way a negative thing, however. These worlds that Anderson creates are so beautiful and magical that it almost makes the real world seem black and white. He is truly a master filmmaker, and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is yet another masterpiece.