Imagine a World..

I most recently watched a short film by Wingspan Pictures, in which homosexuality was ordinarily routine, while heterosexuality is outlawed and unthinkable. It is narrated by and portrays a story of a young girl named Ashley who grows up being heterosexual in a homosexual world. She has to come to terms with her feelings, and quickly gets insulted and taunted by her peers, adults, and even her parents.

Film Tagline: “How would you live if you couldn’t LOVE?”

It begins with her explaining her life growing up with two moms caring for her. It then shows her having a subtle interaction with a boy, in which she thinks triggers her heterosexual feelings. She gets to middle school, and one day she is playing outside with her friends. They being to play ‘house’ and suggests that she play the mother and a boy play the father. The children immediately show disgust with idea, and start calling her a “breeder”.

Throughout the film, cyber bullying is an issue when children are calling her names, and degrading her via social media. She gets caught holding hands with a boy, and is chased after the threat of being out-ed. She ends up running into a gym where a high school boy punches her in the face, and is surrounded by a group of children. They are all screaming at her, then proceed to kick her in the ribs, while another girl writes “HETERO” on her forehead.

Once she gets home, her mothers see what has happened and she is sent to clean up. She locks the door to the bathroom while crying. She can hear her parents yelling at each other. She sets the water for the tub, then grabs a razor from the medicine cabinet; she proceeds to harm herself.

I had to watch this part with one eye closed, due to the graphic content occurring.

This film was definitely eye-opening to the idea that this does take place in all areas of the world. Bullying has reached a point in which people should see what bad they are causing and start trying to fix it. No one should ever be put through this or any situations similar. The thought of losing people from bullying is unbearable.

The next time you witness bullying, try everything to stop it. It will in the end.

Film Tagline: “How would you live if you couldn’t LOVE?”