Jade Tonjes, Writer

Marks from my past

Being brought back

Thoughts that disappeared

Coming back around to mess me up

Making me believe it was all my fault

The way things were left

No feelings but anger

And hurt hidden in fear

Now doubting myself

When really I could be happy

Scars on my heart

Make it beat a little slower

Thoughts in my head

Make me close my eyes

As I continue to suffer

Quietly breathing


What was left behind

It seems like so long ago

Getting hurt

While denying what I still felt

Words caught up in my mouth

No sound is coming out

Pain pulses

Leaving behind the thoughts

I will be the one confused

I will be the one left behind

Denying myself the pleasure of feeling

Believing that the hurt

Will not come back

These marks are not showing up

But they are engraved in my mind

These memories I can not bare

To let go