First Fridays: Art, Music and Culture in Kansas City

Rian Stallbaumer, Photographer, Writer


On the first Friday of each month, thousands of both residents and visitors of Kansas City head to the Crossroads Art District to browse through countless art galleries, enjoy live music and theater, and eat dinner with friends at a variety of Kansas City restaurants, coffee shops, and even food trucks. This event has become the most popular event in Kansas City, with numbers of over 10,000 people attending this monthly celebration.

Last Friday, March 6th, I had the privilege to attend and experience First Fridays for the first time. It was a perfect evening, the city lit up the sky, and the artwork practically overflowed from the galleries onto the busy sidewalks. People played instruments on every other street corner, cafes and restaurants were filled to their maximum occupancy with hundreds of hungry Kansas Citians, and each face in the Crossroads glowed with an appreciation for their city and its art.

If you have not been to First Fridays– your next chance is April 3rd. Entertainment starts at 5 pm, and anyone and everyone is welcome. I recommend this experience to anyone who has a love for music, art, food, or Kansas City– so you’re invited. You will meet new people, discover new places, and have sore legs by the end of the night, but I can tell you one thing for sure: that you will leave the Crossroads hours later with boundless inspiration.