Sarah Hockla and Logan Peifer Announced Sweetheart Royalty

Sweetheart Court Royalty was announced on Feb. 17.

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During halftime of the boys basketball game against South on February 17, the WPA King and Queen were crowned.

There were 12 candidates for both girls and boys, but it came down to six winners. After the students voted during the week of WPA, all of the votes were tallied. The third runner-up for the boys was Chase Clayton, senior, who won runner-up at the Mr. Viking Pageant earlier this year. The third runner-up for the girls was Megan Herbers, senior.

“It was really great being in that group and being chosen for it – everyone there was my friend. It was kind of sad to win over other people because I think everyone up there was deserving of it. It was fun to walk with my parents, they were pretty proud of me,” Clayton said.

As for the second runners-up, for the boys was Lucas Sylvester, senior, and for the girls was Jennifer Quezada, senior.

After finding out the winners for third and second, they announced the King and Queen.

Holding the King title, Logan Peifer, senior, had taken the crown, and for the Queen, Sarah Hockla won.

“I was really excited that people actually voted for me with the new kind of voting. I didn’t even think I had a chance,” Hockla said.

All of the candidates were nominated by activites that they are involved in, and for some it was a good experience either way, even without a win.

“It was exciting being in the top 12; I didn’t really expect it. In the gym, we didn’t know who was going to win, so it was really nerve wrecking. Even though I didn’t win, I still think it was great I made top 12,” Jessica Healy, senior, said.


Queen: Sarah Hockla

King: Logan Peifer

1st Attendant to Queen: Jenny Quezsada

1st Attendant to King: Chase Clayton

2nd Attendant to Queen: Megan Herbers

2nd Attendant to King: Lucas Sylvester

Photos: Dylan Crow, Andy Gottschalk