Art With Emily


Ramona Mansour

Artwork by Emily Franchette

There is so much talent among the SMW student body. Emily Franchett happens to be one of them. She excels in artistic ability.

Ramona Mansour: What do you use to make your art?

Emily Franchett: I really enjoy making mixed media art like collage with painting and other mediums.

Mansour: What is your favorite thing to paint?

Franchett: I’m really into abstract patterns and I also love to do landscape paintings.

Mansour: Where do you find your inspiration?

Franchett: I find a lot of my inspiration in nature and my imagination. I find a lot in my day to day life whether it’s something I hear or see. I like to record stuff in my sketchbook to come back to later on.

Mansour: Do you plan on doing this as a job?

Franchett: I do plan on doing something with art for a job. I have thought about just being an artist full time with a part time job on the side like working in a coffee shop or a book store.

Mansour: What exactly is NAHS (National Art Honor Society)?

Franchett: NAHS is basically the same as NHS but everything we do is art related, including the community service we do on our own time.