How to Survive Winter Break

With Finals coming up, it is very easy to only focus on those and completely forget about the end of the semester and winter break. We’re here to make sure that this winter break is one to be remember forever.

– COMMUNICATION! As cliche as it sounds this is always a number one rule in getting anything done. If you don’t communicate with your friends or your parents your winter break could become another uneventful two weeks in your boring lives.

– BATHE! Don’t forget that just because you’re not going to school every day that it is not ok to sit at home in your own filth the whole day.

– BE ACTIVE! As fun as it sounds to just sit around and eat holiday treats all day, don’t do it!

– BAKE! But be careful with the oven and only use it if you have permission from your parents.

– HYDRATION! Hydration is key.

– BE A GIVER! We know around the holidays it’s easy to sit back and just receive but this holiday season make it a mindset to give more than you receive.

– HAVE FUN! But not too much. We only have two weeks off!

From us to you, happy holidays! Be safe and enjoy your break!