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Last Minute Homecoming Ideas

Well, Sydney and I had all intentions on writing a quick little blog about sweet ways people got asked to homecoming. The only problem is that once we started asking around we realized that this year, people didn’t really get asked in cool ways. We found that people just had mutual agreements that they were going, or the typical, “I bought her some flowers.” But, nothing really jumped out at as a, “WOW THAT’S SO COOL WE HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THAT!” story. So we are choosing to change the topic of our story to cool ways you COULD have asked somebody!
1) The ever so cheesy, but always awesome, “Out of all the fish in the sea, I wish you’d go to homecoming with me!” written on a fishbowl with a little fishy inside!
2) The old school way of writing, “Homecoming with ___?” in huge letters on the driveway with chalk!
3) Tagging their car! (I wouldn’t ever recommend this because it’s such a hassle to clean up!)
4) Write HOMECOMING on the front of a white t shirt and write a bunch of names on the back in washable marker, then yours in permanent. When she washes it, she’ll see your name is the only one left!
5) Do it at the football game! Have the student section chant, or have the cheerleaders hold signs up that say,” Homecoming with ____?”

There are plenty of creative ways to ask a date to any dance, make sure you really step it up for the next dance so we can finally write a cool story!

Also, just a little tip: Never assume you’re going to a dance with somebody. If you don’t ask them how will you ever know? Boys, this is especially for you. Girls really do enjoy getting asked to dances, no matter how lame you think it is!

Abby Holliman and Sydney Miramontez

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Last Minute Homecoming Ideas