The End is Nearing…

Hallie Fitzsimmons

This is the last and final stretch of the school year. We’ve come so far and it would be a shame to let it all go to waste because we can taste the freedom. It has been too cold for too long and the warm spring air is a signal to us students that summer is around the corner.¬†With that being said, spring finals are coming up. What better way to study for finals then outside in the NOT cold weather. Finals this semester are virtually the same as winter finals, only there is a stronger urge to just give up because of break. Studying has become harder and the amount of motivation is low. Just because you have been accepted into college doesn’t mean you can’t try, seniors!

Senior, Hope Erickson says, “I’m so excited to spend my last summer with my friends that I have known forever and get ready for college!”

Let’s finish out the year strong, Vikings! Make the most of your last few days as being the bottom of the totem pole, and underclassman, or high school! Soon enough we’ll have real problems like paying bills so lets be happy all we have to do is take a few shorts tests before 3 months of carefree poolside vacation!