No Rest for the Wrestler

Q&A with Jose Montoya about this success in wrestling over the past three years

Jude Kennedy, Writer

Jose Montoya is a varsity wrestler, who has had some sort of success the past couple wrestling seasons. Into his third season of wrestling, I got the chance to sit down and talk to him about junior season as a wrestler.
Jude Kennedy: How long have you been wrestling?

Jose Montoya: Since freshman year
JK: What are your personal goals for this wrestling season?

JM: To win state
JK: What does your training consist of?

JM: Pretty much lift weights and work on moves.
JK: What weight class are you in?

JM: 195
JK: What is your record? (as of 1-14)

JM: 21-3
JK: Do you plan on wrestling in college? And if so what is your dream school?

JM: I plan on playing football in college. If there happens to be an opening in my weight class, I might walk on and be a two sport athlete.
JK: As a whole, what is your greatest attribute?

JM: Sometimes the other wrestlers in the room look up to me for wrestling moves.
JK: What is your weakest attribute?

JM: Probably warming up.
JK: What is your most memorable moment wrestling as a Viking?

JM: It happened this year. I was just chillin’, and I just barely beat this kid 3-2. So I’m just chillin’, going to sleep, but the round went fast. I was asleep for like 20 minutes. So the guy I’m supposed to wrestle is already on the mat. So they’re looking for me around the whole gym, I wake up, and they’re like you’re up now, no warm up time or nothing. Then I pin him in like 2 minutes.
JK: What made you want to wrestle?

JM: Well, I said I was gonna do it for football, just to get in better shape.
JK: Is it hard for you to balance your diet so you stay in your weight class?

JM: Haha, no, not at all.