New Year, New School Supplies


Hallie Fitzsimmons, Writer

What is it about the start of the school year that make me excited to get school supplies? I get giddy when I open up my new pack of pencils and find them a special place in my backpack. I love picking out my notebook and deciding what color is assigned to what class. There is no real explanation because I’m not actually excited to go back to school. I just love school supplies.

All my friends feel the same way. I’ve had this feeling ever since fourth grade when all my school supplies were High School Musical themed. It’s a thrill to pick out a fresh new binder with no holes ripped in it and no indents from all the papers being smooshed into them.

Every year I’ll get a new binder and my mom will say “We have some at home you can use.” She just doesn’t get it. I HAVE to get a new one. I don’t know why either, its not like it will work any better.

I would rather get new school supplies than get new clothes. School supplies are what make school.

Are you going to be organized and have a separate binder for each class or have all 7 classes share one notebook? It determines the kind of person you are. I never understood the kids who came to school without a pencil, like I carry at least five around. And when they ask the class if they can borrow one I always say I don’t have an extra. I’m very territorial about my supplies.

School supplies don’t even have to be the best brand either it’s just fun to see how other people organize their school supplies. The moral of the story is that school supplies are fun; School is not.