Early On Emmy Contenders for Dramas

In July, the Emmy Nominations will be released, and now is the best time to take a look at who could get nominated for an Emmy in 2014. Here’s a look at the five main categories for dramas:


There are some obvious nominations here with stars from Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul and Dean Norris, and Game of Thrones, Peter Dinklage. Jon Voight won a Golden Globe this year for his show Ray Donovan, so he should be able to get a nomination. The last few spots could go to anybody. Mandy Patinkin of Homeland might not get there because of the decline of the show, which could bring in Jeffery Wright of Boardwalk Empire, which had the winner of last year’s award, with Bobby Cannavale taking the Emmy home. Aaron Paul is a two-time winner of this award while Dinklage has won it once.


The winner of last year’s award, Anna Gunn of Breaking Bad, seems like the clear front runner here early on, in her incredible and emotional performance in the episode “Ozymandias”. Other nominees could include Downton Abbey’s Maggie Smith, who has won three Emmy’s, including two for Abbey. Christine Baranski also has a chance for a nod with her performance in the memorable year of The Good Wife. The last couple of spots are wide open, with competition from a number of actresses such as Christian Hendricks of Mad Men (who still hasn’t won!), Emilia Clarke of Game of Thrones, and possibly even Michelle Monaghan form True Detective.


A couple months ago, I said there is no way it is humanly possible that Bryan Cranston will get robbed for a third straight time at the Emmy’s after I watched the episode “Ozymandias” from Breaking Bad. It will be Cranston’s last chance to get his 4th Emmy for the show, after winning three straight years early on. The sad thing is, it is humanly possible that he could. With Breaking Bad having aired in the Fall of 2013, Emmy voters might forget the perfection of it all. Shows such as True Detective and House of Cards could get more spotlight. The fault for Cranston somehow not winning could be on AMC here. Matthew McConaughey just won an Oscar in March, but could he win an Emmy in August? McConaughey stars in True Detective along with Woody Harrelson, who could also get a nod for this thriller. Kevin Spacey will also surely get up for House of Cards. Two past winners of this award, in fact the last two awards, might not even get a nomination this year. Like I said earlier, the decline of Homeland might not bode well for Damian Lewis, who won the Lead Actor award in 2012 for Season 1 of the show. And last year, Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom won in his first nomination, with a very surprising upset. Actors such as James Spader of The Blacklist and Jon Hamm of Mad Men should get nods, but none of them are locks. It looks as though Hamm will never win for the gem known as Mad Men even though his portrayal of the likable monster Don Draper is top notch. This category is surely a three-way horse between Cranston, McConaughey and Spacey. But you never know, as last year’s Emmy’s showed two huge upsets with Bobby Cannavale and Jeff Daniels winning the male acting awards.


Could there be a three-peat here? Claire Danes of Homeland has always been why the show has been so great (along with Lewis), so she still has the possibility of winning again here. But, with Robin Wright surprisingly winning the Golden Globe this year for House of Cards, she could win this category as well. Kerry Washington was the up and coming star in “her” show Scandal but hasn’t yet won a major award for it. Is it because the show isn’t all so great? It could be. Other possibilities in this are Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss and Bates Motel‘s Vera Farmiga. And a dark horse in this category is definitely Julianna Marguiles, who is the star in the show The Good Wife. Anything could happen with the nominations in this category.


This is basically a three way race between House of CardsBreaking Bad, and True DetectiveTrue Detective could’ve easily been nominated, and won, for Best Mini-series, due to its eight episode length and it being a one season show. But creator Nic Pizzolatto decided it can compete with the big boys. And he could possibly be right. Two of these three shows are representing their swan songs in Breaking Bad and True DetectiveHouse of Cards‘ 2nd season is very well made but it might be tough competing against Bad and Detective. Other nominations here could be Mad MenGames of ThronesThe Good Wife and Downton AbbeyHomeland might sneak in for a third straight year and possibly The Blacklist could get its first chance.