She Can Stop, She Did Stop

The Miley Cyrus concert was canceled leaving many Kansas residents in shock

Popular artist, Miley Cyrus was scheduled to perform at the Sprint Center on April 15th for her “Bangerz” tour. After having an allergic reaction to a medication, Cyrus was hospitalized. Doctors refused to let Cyrus perform. The concert was canceled only hours before the concert was originally scheduled to start.

After hearing the news, disappointment swept through the state. Downtown KC was transformed into a huge traffic jam as Miley fans shuffled to their cars.

Refunds are to be given to those who had previously purchased tickets to the concert.

No announcements have been made about a reschedule date, but it’s rumored that the Sprint Center is trying to get Cyrus to return before leaving for her Europe tour on May 2nd.

Hopefully Miley will be well enough to return to the states in which she had to cancel performances.

The question then will be, will fans who have been refunded have to purchase new tickets, or will they keep their original seats to save time and effort?