Bad Habits

We all have them. I, for one, have been suffering the habit of biting my nails for a very long time. It can be a physical habit like biting nails, popping knuckles, or spending too much money, or a mental one like procrastinating work or worrying too much. Either way, if it is damaging to you or your emotions, you might want to start trying to break it. Here are some ways to do that.

First, you need to realize when you do it. If you bite your nails when you’re nervous, it can be easier to realize you’re doing it, and you can make yourself stop.

Replace the bad habit with something else. For nail biting, chew gum. For knuckle popping, tap your fingers or twiddle your thumbs.

Keep a bracelet on your wrist. Every time you do your bad habit, switch the bracelet to your other arm. Try to go a day without moving the bracelet. Then keep going longer.

Imagine how great you’ll feel when you finally break it. Your nails will be long, you’ll have more money, and you will worry less. Some say that it takes at least a month to break a habit, so keep working at it!