Spring Sports…Winter Weather?

With winter sports coming to a close, athletes are working hard for their place at State while spring athletes have been preparing for their upcoming season with weights and conditioning. If the athletes aren’t hard at work in their winter sport, they are working their tails off so they are ready for a successful season. Most people think of nice weather when spring sports come around, but not in Kansas. Tryouts for sports are next week and their is still snow in the forecast! This is very frustrating for the coaches and players who have to practice outdoors.

When the weather gets bad, the coaches have to find ways to have tryouts and practice. It also makes it harder for the athletes to fully show what they can do.

I asked a few spring athletes what they thought and this is what they had to say:

Track and Field: “It is frustrating because we have to try and simulate the high jump mat and sand indoors, which is pretty much impossible because it is just tile in the school,” Senior Anna Karlin said.

Girl’s Soccer: “Having to tryout inside in a gym for an outside sport makes it really hard to show your full potential and prove yourself to the coaches,” Junior Delaney Griffin said.

Baseball: “The snow kills the nature of baseball. Being outside and seeing the ball in the air makes all the difference in fielding. You cannot simulate outdoor play by trying to replicate it inside a gym. No baseball player that i know wants to play inside,” Junior Elijah Boyer said.

Track and Field: ” It is frustrating becasue the sidewalks are covered in ice and snow, not to mention that we usually do go outside and we have to bundle up. It also really burns everyones lungs,” Junior Reilly Wiscombe said.

Girl’s Soccer: “It’s difficult with all the snow because our games are so early this year and the longer we are practicing inside, the less time we have to get use to the team working together on the turf,” Junior Morgan Mauck said.

Goodluck to Girl’s Soccer, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, Boy’s Tennis, Girl’s Swimming, and Boy’s Golf!

We wish you all the best of luck on a successful season!