Fantasy PROs and NOs – Basketball Edition

There have been several different players in the NBA this year that have either impressed the crowd, or been an embarrassment. One of the stand out players in the NBA this year is Kevin Durant. Durant has averaged 31.3 points a game and 51.8 fantasy points. He is one of the best players in the NBA.

Here is a full list of the “PROs” and “NOs” in the NBA:


Kevin Durant- 51.8 FPPG

LeBron James- 43.5 FPPG

Kevin Love- 45.3 FPPG

LeMarcus Aldridge- 42.8 FPPG

Carmelo Anthony- 41.9 FPPG

Blake Griffin- 41.0 FPPG


Ben McLemore- 8.9 FPPG

Marcus Morris- 14.4 FPPG

Ray Allen- 13.6 FPPG

Jeremy Lamb- 13.6 FPPG

Kyle Singler- 12.3 FPPG