Acts of Kindness on the Court

In a recent boys varsity basketball game against Lawrence, Lawrence had a breakaway where one of their players went up for a dunk anticipating to excite his school’s fans with a memorable point for his team. After missing his dunk and fouling the West player who blocked him, the Lawrence player seemed not only embarrassed, but discouraged.

As West was taking their free throws, West player Justin Fetzer happened to notice the upset Lawrence player. Fetzer started making small talk with the player as the shots were being taken. After the free throws, the lawrence player seemed noticeably upbeat.

Fetzer said when talking to the other player, he told him “I really thought you were going to make that! You’ll get them next time!” After encouraging the other player, Fetzer said he felt proud and like a leader.

A Lawrence fan noticed the act of kindness and emailed the athletic director here at West. Don Perkins, the athletic director then decided to email the story out to other staff members of West. Perkins reasoning for spreading the story is to show that random acts of kindness don’t go unnoticed.