WPA Survival Guide

Tips to pull off a successful WPA.

When: February 8, 8 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Where: Shawnee Mission West Bridge

Theme: Anchors Away

Price: $15 per person/$25 for a couple


With WPA comes the nerves of the typical girl. When it comes to asking someone to the dance the situation often gets blown out of proportion. With thoughts like “that’s awkward” or “that’s weird”, the task suddenly seems more stressful than it really should be.

Have fun with it! So yeah, asking a guy to a dance isn’t exactly the typical thing for a girl, but that’s what WPA is all about. Not too comfortable asking someone? Going with a close friend is always a good option. It’s the no pressure way of being able to go with a good date.

At the end of the day, remember that asking someone to a dance shouldn’t be something that’s stressful, but rather something that’s enjoyable!

What to wear:

If you’re anything like me the most stressful part of WPA is finding the perfect dress without spending too much. After fighting insane crowds at the mall and digging through boutiques, I begin to feel a little discouraged. Once discouraged, the dance seems ridiculous to me and I end up not wanting to go.

When searching for a dress and feeling discouraged a good idea is to ask a friend if they have a dress from a previous dance or event that you can borrow.

Stores that usually never fail to have cute, cheap dresses are: Forever 21 (if you’re willing to dig) , Macy’s, Windsor, and believe it or not, Franchesca’s.