YUDA Bands for Change

Teens in Guatemala are struggling for the opportunity to learn


Starting February 3, Spanish National Honor Society will be selling YUDA bands. YUDA bands are bracelets handmade in Guatemala to raise money for teenagers to attend high school. Since the public schools don’t have the capacity to educate all students, numerous children have no choice but to drop out of high school because their families can’t pay private school tuition. By selling 175 bracelets at $7 each, we can raise enough money to send a student to private school for a year. Our goal is to sell 700 to pay for tuition for all four years for one student.

YUDA bands will be sold before school on the bridge and at basketball games from February 3 – February 14.

YUDA bands get their name from the Spanish word for help which is “ayuda”. In these communities, education is vital to getting a job and making a living. These bracelets, handmade from coconut shell and leather, can change a teenager’s life forever.