A poem by Brady Hart

Brady Hart, Writer


Oh what a wonderful place to be

In the cafeteria at 12:40

We talk and laugh with our buds

Sometimes on the side you may eat a spud

Lunch is a time to come together

It’s indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather

It’s by far the best meal of the day

Breakfast the best? There is no way

I typically have a sandwich and chips

While others eat their tasty chicken strips

If I had to describe lunch it would be short and sweet

Like a yummy rice krispie treat

Gathered around a table you sit

You should pack a healthy lunch in order to stay fit

I will say that you always need a dessert

Be careful to not spill any on your shirt

Second lunch is the best to have

When you’re sprinting up there don’t sprain your calf

Well it’s time to go and I have to say goodbye

I ate all my lunch already and am about to cry