In the Pocket

Kim Truong, Writer


Alright ladies, women have been suffering from this universal problem for ages and it’s time for a change. Pockets, they have been nonexistent in women’s clothing lines since the beginning of time.

Because women’s clothing was based on skirts and dresses, there was no space for pockets inside and women had to carry bags or purses. “[Women] have always been expected to carry purses, but in the end they are not practical for everyone to use at all times,” sophomore Emma Mathieson said.

Women first began to hide pockets under their petticoats in the 17th century, but it wasn’t the most efficient accessory. The pockets were hard to access because of all the fabric layered on top and women could not carrying as much because the pocket was too small. Pockets finally became a regular part of women’s fashion in the 1900s. Women were actually wearing pants, but this was mostly because of the surplus in utilitarian clothing during both world wars. However pockets began to cease to exist in pants as clothing slimmed down to accentuate women’s slim silhouettes.

Although women’s pants today have pockets, they aren’t large enough to hold anything practical. As phones become larger, like the iPhone 6/7s, women’s pockets are not wide or deep enough to hold phones safely. Fake pockets are also becoming more common in women’s fashion as clothes are now tighter to slim down a woman’s figure.“As the pants keep getting tighter, the less room there is for pockets,” Mathieson said.

Suits especially often have fake pockets for women, forcing them to carry an extra bag that would become unnecessary if suits had pockets. “I like not carrying an extra bag that I don’t need if I have pockets,” sophomore Alexis Fleeman said.

“A lot of the time I would prefer to carry all of my belongings in a pocket instead of having an extra thing to keep track of because let’s be real; purses are annoying,” Mathieson said. Men’s suits, however, used to have up to 15 pockets, all having enough room to carry all of their necessities. This is because men’s fashion are usually less snug and loose, their clothes can have larger and deeper pockets.

Although women’s fashion has become more form-fitting, it is no excuse to not add pockets to women’s clothes.