Seminar: It’s Worth It!

When the subject of seminar is brought up, many negative words seem to be thrown around. These include “pointless,” “boring,” “nap-time,” and several others in the same category. Many use this time to talk to their friends, mess around on their phone, or simply do literally nothing. Obviously none of these things are productive or necessary, and as a school we should begin taking strides to change this.

Although I most definitely cannot speak for my fellow students, I exist in the growing minority of students that are able to make use of this much needed time. This habit was first formed out of necessity; I work on Thursdays and never have time for homework. This has taught me to complete all of my assignments before I get home. When seminar falls on a Tuesday, however, I find myself working hard out of habit, and am rewarded with ample free time when I get home. This has allowed me to realize the full worth of seminar.

To all of those who fall into the category of seminar laziness, I urge you to abstain from your ways immediately, remove your awaiting homework from the confines of your backpack, and tirelessly complete it as you dream of the hours of freedom awaiting you upon your arrival to home.