November is BACK!

We’ve recently entered the month of November, which is referred to as the “month of giving”. This is of course the month of Thanksgiving, a holiday in which we give thanks for what we have and those around us. In our community there are several ways to give thanks. Many thoughtful ways on expressing thanks include…

– Showing your gratitude towards others

– Small thoughtful gifts

– Express it through social media

– Volunteer!

This is a great time to get in the spirit of helping others and a couple ways to do that would be volunteering with the following organizations


This nonprofit organization receives donated cars to give to families who are unable to get one due to financial issues.

 –Reach Out and Read

This organization works to encourage parents to read to their children by giving books.


This is another nonprofit organization that strives to help people who suffer from severe mental illness become independent.

Be sure to let your loved ones know you’re thankful!