Writer’s Walk!

Every year, writer’s workshop classes host Writer’s Walk. It’s an event for poets to perform their pieces for their classmates, and it takes place in the courtyard below the Bridge. Students will attend during their English block. This year, it will be on October 18 and will be going on for the duration of the school day. Quotes from student’s own writing and along with famous quotes will be on display around the courtyard. Several different stations will be set up for the event. The main focus is the dramatic readings, it will go on the whole time, other stations will be shut down during the second half of that hour. At the poet’s corner you can give them a word and they’ll write a poem relating to that word in three minutes or less. At Frosty’s Tavern you can purchase hot chocolate or snacks, proceeds going to Out of Hand (West’s literary and art magazine). You can also get your face painted or go to the dead writer’s cemetery. Writer’s Walk has always been a success in past years giving students the opportunity to express themselves or be able to listen and relate to their peers.