Mix-tape Management: Gurpreet Singh (Yung Gandhi)

Tyler Williams, Writer, Videographer

I got a chance to sit down with Gurpreet Singh, Junior at West, but also an up and coming rapper who raps under the name Yung Gandhi. His mix-tape came out today entitled: “No Days Off”

Tyler: Describe the recording process

Gurpreet: “Well, I sometimes wrote songs at the same time, but, it takes about 1-2 weeks then i’d record it. I’d take multiple takes. like, 15-25 takes to get it where i wanted it. Editing took about half an hour depending on how long the song is. The overall process of this took about 6 months. I’d take a few breaks for basketball, so ya, 6 month process.

Tyler: What’s your favorite song on the album?

Gurpreet: ” My favorite song would have to be the first one on the mix-tape called “Love This Life”, a remix to T.I.’s song “Love This Life”. Thats my best song as a rapper, and my best song overall that I made.”

T: What can people expect when they listen to your mix-tape?

G: I feel some people will be surprised because some people didn’t think i could rap. They’ll see the emotional dynamics of me, like they’ll get all aspects and the real me.

T: Are there any features?

G: There is one feature with TAZR. He’s a sophomore here and his name is Rayshawn Younger and he is a really good producer and rapper. It’s the third song called. “Monsters In My Head”.

T: Any final words to anyone about to listen?

G: Just let me know what you think about it. If you like it let me know, and if you don’t let me know what I can get better at. I hope you guys like it.

You can here most of his songs on Soundcloud or all of them on Youtube under username- juelz471