Discussion with a Homeschooler

Matt Hoskins, junior, was home schooled until sixth grade. Here are questions and answers of what homeschooling was like for Hoskins.

Q: What did like about homeschooling?
A: Being about to play Game Cube all the time.

Q: What did you not like about homeschooling?
A: Not being able to socialize with other people.

Q: How did a normal of homeschooling work?
A: I would sleep until around 9 or so then I would work until around 2 and then I would play Game Cube the rest of the day.

Q: Who taught you?
A: My mother, she major in education at UMKC. She was a teacher for a little bit and then she decided to homeschool me.

Q: Would you have rather have been in school than at home?
A: I liked homeschooling because I wouldn’t want to be homeschooled now and I think being homeschooled has made me more successful than I would’ve been.

Q: What do you like about public school?
A: The fact that there are grades and it’s nice to have accurate feedback.

Q: What don’t you like about public school?
A: I have to wake up early and the peer pressure.